A downloadable game for Windows

A short two-player platformer about taking turns in platforming. Join Bob and Steve, time your jumps together and consider how jumping affects the other player! Only one player can jump at a time.

The goal is simple, climb to the top!

The game is meant to be played by two players, but can also be  played solo using a single controller or keyboard in the updated build.

This game was made by maukii and I during the last 24h of the jam due to forgetting that the jam existed :)


GMTKBuild.zip 19 MB
PostJamBuildWithSolo.zip 20 MB

Development log


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Check out this video on how the game is like :)

Really good game! I'd just like to know how to sling the cube to play the whole thing

how do i fling

What is the control for player 2 :))


i have fallen and I cant get up T-T

fun game tho

just gotta get over it


really good game ! had fun :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)