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Guide a triangle through who knows what. It came from who knows were and is heading to who knows... Uhh... You get the point.

Click & Drag to create rectangles, then do it again to flick 'em up! The better you match the size of the recipient rectangles, the higher score you gain. If you screw up a rectangle bad enough, you lose a life.

Don't let the triangle reach the left side, either. He's a friend.

A game made for GGJ2020. Probably my flashiest jam game to date, really happy how it turned out despite having very little depth.


repair.zip 21 MB


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Extremely addictive game mechanic! Creating a rectangle, shooting it and hitting a target is veeeeery satisfying, and sound design is playing a big role here. I suspect that after a longer session, a tetris effect would be apparent. :D I'd drop the jumping triangle, tho - having to tiptoe around it distracts from the main mechanic, especially at higher speeds where you just want the player to zen out


Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I agree with the triangle comment as well. Cutting it would have left me with more time to explore the core mechanic.