A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for the Pre-Christmas Game Jam at KUAS

You are patients in a hospital, suffering from various vitamin deficiencies. You must outbid your fellow patients for the vitamins.

The game operates on a single button for each player, which are:

P1 - A

P2 - G

P3 - L

P4 - Numpad 5

You win by incrementing all your vitamin supplies to 100 or by being the last patient standing.

There are 3 different tiles:

- Auction: Start an auction where the bidders will divide the offered vitamins. Bid by pressing your own key! There's no backing down from a bid, howewer.

- Deficiency: Stepping on this tile may give you a new type of vitamin deficiency.

- Threat or Opportunity?: These tiles contain a random event with various results and humorous flavour text.

Graphic Artists :

- Sampo Keränen (Environment Art)

- Eero Kinnunen (Character Art)


- Kristian Kallio


- Jesse Honkanen

Music used is by Kevin McLeod


VitaminOffering.zip 18 MB

Install instructions

Download and run .exe file.

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