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Race through a gauntlet of a chaotic city in a desperate attempt to be in time for work! Don't bee late!

A result of a  2019 spring game jam in which, in classic fashion, Git decided to mess literally everything at the last minute. Oh the beemanity. How sad. You get to play it anyway, though. 

The people responsible for this game:
Kristian Kallio - Programming, "Level Design"

Eero Kemppainen - 3B model, Animations

Riikka Kilpeläinen - Programming, Art

Sampo Keränen - 3D Modeling

Janne Viitala - A single particle effect

Ossi Manninen - B-movie voice acting

What are you waiting for? Buzz off and go play the game beefore you're late from work! Beegone!


Bee Game.zip 25 MB

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